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At Optical House practises at Rhodes and Heraklion you will find frames with the best materials from a range of the most innovative Optical manufacturers in the world, such as Lindberg, ic!berlin, ProDesign, Gucci, Prada etc


The hand-made frames from these Danish-origin company are made from 100% titanium! These offers comfort parallel with minimal design.  Linberg has been awarded several times for there innovation in design, aesthetic and practicability.  You can customise your 'tailor fit' order by choosing your colour or style from a wide collection!  Lindberg frames don't have any screws or rivets and are hypo-allergic with a guarantee of two years.


the continuous exposure to sunlight without using sunglasses forms one of the important factors of macular diseases, the leading cause blindness among European Union countries?


Optical House on the move

Optical House moved on Monday April 10. 

You can now find us @ Katechaki 29, Heraklion Crete

Optical House on the move

BCLA award for RoseK lenses

New Zealand optometrist Paul Rose became the first recipient of the BCLA's industry award for the development of his series of RoseK lenses, a contact lens designed to correct the vision of people with keratoconus.

BCLA award for RoseK lenses
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